Sunday, 23 October 2016

On-Line suicide; Tonight:

Can you believe it, tonight at 23 GMT.. apparently there is a videoed live stream self termination... honestly the things people do to get attention.. how about a drive in Morgue.. they wait; while you die in the car park.. so convenient and hygienic.. no flys!..

You get a free will at the Entrance which must be completed before your appointment time, or you pay double, and have to come back later.. you might not feel like it later..

just jump into a Nuclear reactors cool pool... you will be dead, and your corpse will never rot either..!! no bug got the guts to attack you.. you will turn to Soap.. that wont cleanse any hands..

Death is the most Exciting thing most people ever Experience, it's an alternative to The American Dream, to some deranged non entity's.. who wants to die in a home for old inactive Seniors...

Die in Glory with lots of Blood.. just make sure you get it on YouTube or its all in Vein.. Die when your Young.. it is much more Fun!.. and your corpse is still Sexy... Blood Guts and Gore, wonderful War bring it on.. so stimulating for the spirit..

Hey I been playin too much XBOX.. Man.. I love first person action shooters.. best of all with the most Atmosphere and sense of threat, is/are, Medal of Honour Series Airborne.. I have lived cried and died, and shot a lotta Mother-Doers with tremendous satisfaction... and updated my "hand eye co-ordination to that of a 30 yr old.." it makes everything you do more precise, just by playing Games.. The Game of Life is the weirdest.. you start off as nothing and can stay that way.. or you work your way through and start getting smart.. in the Art of readiness for puzzling situations..

As Life Art Theosophy are so Structured.. they are almost unsolvable.. by the randomness of guessing or blindly believing.. all the misdirection is in the Voice of man, not the Mind of God.. to believe the unbelievable, when you win the lottery of eternity, as a blade of Grass, or a simulation of life in an avatar.. you are just a Pixel on the Nuclear HD screen of the Cosmos... you cant stand back to See the Picture, Because You Are the Picture..

Life of the Soul, is to give your life;
for the Whole.. 

"Would you like a wonderful Adventure.." and have a great time during the Journey.. that lasts an eternity.. Strap up.. it's gonna be a Hell of a ride..

I dont want just a tree house, but a Tree in a House, built around an Oak Tree, with plenty of Ventilation and windows surrounding it.. please Cloud fund my Mansion in the forest...

Enjoy consciousnesses..

Thank you God, for my little lot, Enjoy consciousnesses.. lean to absorb contentment.. through the microwaves, and external interruptions.. be a child again in a World of undiscovered Wonders.. just outside of your Electromagnetic Spectrum of perceptions; Your mind basically...

is really all you got!.. the art of mind at its most advanced kind, is to "process information and Emotions correctly".. in a state of heightened arousal yet peaceful and compassionate acquiescence..

Not saying I have mastered it.. but good intentions help so much.. to touch the very mind of Buddha.. you would do if you you could..

so just enjoy consciousness.. in a state of humble acceptance, that you feel think and can see.. but if you desire more, then life will be Hell.. you always have enough, but just dont know it..

consolidate your assets and give it all away.. just keep your begging bowl and soul.. and thank God for another Day..

Friday, 21 October 2016

Try not to be Interesting..

Try not to be too Interesting.. but if your beautiful; too.. hard luck; even if your dumb as Fuck.. You will still be "very interesting indeed" to most soft pricks, who would like to spontaneously share a peak erection moment with you... and they dont even know if you speak English, or your name... 

because "They dont care about you, they just want to get in you.." by the charm of the Devil fools are seduced into promises beyond their life expectancy.. and pay the price of easily won trust by serial Seducers.. with a highly dangerous weapon of Length Girth and Width..

women will fall on their backs with their legs open like fawning dogs, for a little tummy tickle, and he mounts with a Proboscis engorged with throbbing tenderness.. Hey I approve of pleasure, as long as nobody gets, Raped OK.. then the whole game is changed.. and for many who suffer it, are never the same.. part sharing the blame..

just talk shit and be anti-social.. people will soon learn to avoid you.. and tell Men your a Lesbian, or Christian, they will run like Deer's in your tail lights... hide your shadow.. and Fart a lot.. keep a used tampon in your bag to gross out any would be attacker..

disguise it.. both.. keep a low profile.. and learn to deceive in great detail... or You will get the abuse of possessive love.. the most Dangerous Motive for Murder ever deduced by RAW emotions.. in the mind of a part animal-Human..

Possessive love is autodidactique, it is an emotional Cancer that feeds off a passionate Blood supply... it feed's off the host it loves...

I want to live on a farm.. with real animals like me.. where eyes see souls instead of living matter.. where our Genitals are Excised, and Lobotomy's are performed by Chimpanzees.. on LSD..

That is unless your a Show off... there is a fine line between an Egotist and a true Artist.. Many are Nether; some are either.. but few are Both..

just had a random inspiration by visualisation, when thinking about the Soul's I love.. for the long haul.. Boo; and.. Danni?.. Man; I loved that Girl.. but it was never to be; and both of us have Mental issues.. and Her Father is somewhat abnormal, so she told me.. where the stream runs.. DNA comes... and follows into the River; I guess.. and this just popped into my head, like most other stuff I take the time to write down.. from the silent movies in my head..

'every part on the tread of a Tyre (UK) Tire (usa) touches the road.. every part of my heart touches you via the whole wheel' all at once.. there is no distance between us... we are bonded like slaves.. for Life by the pain of your Body You made Good from the Bad...

Monday, 17 October 2016

1st Class and Hyperbaric

When, When, when... will the first Airline on this Planet, offer Hyperbaric pods in 1st class?... it's not that expensive?.. over the life of an aircraft..

why; hasn't anyone even thought of it!... 2 lovely people over 60 yrs old and Famous in the nebula of their localised world of the Art's.. Namely; John Peel the sonorous voice of the 60's... Died after a long flight to the tip of South America, due to the differential air pressure over many hours of exposure.. He died shortly after landing in his Hotel...

Another Icon of another style and wit, Quentin Crisp, also died within 24 hours after landing, from a Long Haul Flight.... there are countless others who dont even figure in halls of Fame... but it is a Blatant reality... What a World wide HEADLINE that would be...

BRITISH AIRWAYS OFFER the first HYPERBARIC SEATS... "Stay at ground level at 38 thousand feet".. or 100ft below the Sea!.. even have a double pod for Mother and New born child; a meal sized air lock is easier than a boy scouts talent to figure out.. Who will send me a thank you Wad of Dollars for this Idea? nobody, coz integrity dont get headlines..

for all the space they waste in the new Super Airliners, why not for not a lot of extra cost, make say 8-12 Hyperbaric pods, for older people with thick Blood and systemic Thrombosis.... it may well have save the 2 lives mentioned above..

OK ignore me, live in Denial or get real...
Just make the whole airplane a double sealed; 4k HDTV kinda quality.. that would be quite an achievement to accomplish.. shut your gaping mouths and go-Do-it...

I do take VISA.. you can put a rain-check on sex or a promise.. no banks take dirty condoms as collateral.. ahem.. but you can pay me by used Tampons; in hermetically sealed bubble wraps.. they make great Ice cubes at Halloween..

Who kids about shit like that.. huh..

Monday, 10 October 2016

Oscar Wilde, never said this..

You need a reputation before you can be considered for recollection.. and for that it is a prerequisite that you are utterly unreachable, except by telegram.. a new invention, that can give a person a message within a day by dispatch boy.. on a bicycle, even if they were as far as Scotland from London..

HE: how can that be possible?... god knows, but a good reputation travels farther sooner... on the torn ears of failed fornicators... who listened too long at the draughty keyholes of Rumour.. and got an Ice Pick in the ear..

Having a wonderful day in the 1900's.. I will be back for Teatime..

7:21 am, UFO..

went bed like a normal person last night at 11 pm.. not Xbox playing Texas hold em, all night with international anonymous players which is fun.. after a refreshing deep sleep, I woke with a Kangaroo in my step.. full of optimism and enthusiasm after an hours cuddling with boo who insists on walking up the bed, and getting in with me.. it's pure heaven..

We are synchronised like sine waves.. each knows what the other is doing, or "going to do" and we do communicate, she is as sentient as any Blue whale.. at a fraction of the size, with added personality and charm..  she is a Mammal too.. like me!.. so I sprang out of Bed to give Boo a wee, I call it the wee Wee Walk.. coz only weeing takes place, to break fast; to break Wee.. first Pee of the day.. what a relief...

so we skipped out; to a crisp cool Beautiful morning.. did Her thing with great gusto and is healing and recovering to her old self.. the Joy of Her presence is constantly renewed with more Joy.. I want for nothing else in paradise.. got back made a coffee; felt grateful to be alive; as I looked out the Kitchen window.. giving thanks to God.. and Bless me..

'in the Sky' was a tiny spot of "Still" light, that grew and increased to a radient ball of light for a few seconds, then faded in reverse sequence back to a tiny spot, then gone? was it a meteor, or the reflection of the sun on the aluminium skin of a turning plane.. I could not work it out... as it appeared; it punctuated my state of present being.. which is Highly uplifted.. and full of quiet optimism.. what a thrill it always is... another sign from the creator who I reach toward for guidance.. and the knowledge of all mysteries..

Affirmation that my seeking is not in Vein.. coincidence or contact?.. it fills me with love and lifts me up.. dare I say it?.. 

it makes me feel special, as if My life mattered for a moment.. like there was a subtle synchronisation of minds from other dimensions through wormholes; so to speak.. of "consciousness".. a sentient mind has Access to the originator by it.. The Universe is alive.. each of us is but neurone in a fractal of neurones.. synchronicity is alive and well; if only; you attune your mind to expect it naturally.. like an animal..

and so; may You get it You.. in both meanings.. its so easy; only your intellect; gets, in it's way.. you have to be invited, and I invite you to be an equal... and "be there" here.. whenever.. universal time.. it's so far out but so worth the effort of trying to go there...

every photon must die to give you light.. it basically ceases after it has giving a nanosecond of life; in a stream of infinite lives endless sacrificial lives.. where does light go when its reflected... A: it does not go nowhere, nowhere can not exist, it is impossible.. it trans-mutates further, beyond your vision.. lives again Like Elvis... impersonators..

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Another Darn UFO...

They appear infrequently, but am thrilled when I see one.. as I always keep my eye on the sky's, especially when walking in the country; on a small hill, with a bench, the halfway point our usual walk.. as Boo's Stitches are only 5 Days old.. still crimson Red, and very hot to the touch, which must be an increased blood flow to replenish the tissue with healing nutrient rich, blood..

I was sitting on the bench like a tired old Git.. there is another hill about mile away, totally covered in Big old Tree's.. that fills the horizon like a sloping Crown; and there.. there it was... I thought it was just a pleasure ballon with people in it on first glance.. but it was absolutely static for minutes.. stationary.. then it slowly descended behind the trees.. at a constant slow speed... and I said to myself.. that is no Balloon... it has no basket either.. plus it was only the top half of a Sphere, missing the other half.. more like an upside down Cereal Bowl.. not quite a saucer..

elated and buzzing the rest of the day has been deeply meaningful.. that is the 5th or sixth I have ever seen.. Awe inspiring.. I thanked them for "de-cloaking" so I could see them.. as they have the capability of invisibility as you must know.. I felt very privileged, as always.. it's no secret; we are not alone, never were.. my closest ever encounter was about 25ft.. which was so overwhelming I was very scared indeed... but that is another Blog, which I will never write.. for personal reasons..

that event taught me something about Mind & Time.. the biggest regret I have this life; I miss them not being there, incredibly deeply, like I blew the chance to learn so much.. and that I didn't stay and watch; or communicate, or at least try.. I just drove home.. like a loser, yellow belly coward.. but.. 

on many months of reflection, I realised, anytime I wanted to commune with them, all I have to do is go back in my mind, to that time and place... and they would always be there.. and I fancy that I have an open invitation to see them again.. at the same place; at the same time; at 3:25 am; on any 1st of January in any future year..

casual addendum:
(an ironic co-incidence; that date; is the birthday of the Lady I mistook for a good spirit.. was born on.. and we met in the same large park, on the 9th of Dec, go back and read that.. though I cannot tie any significance to it?..)

Last year I had planned to do just that.. but chicken out... lets see if I got the backbone to go next year.. the event haunts me every single day... I walk the dog right near to where we "met" if you will.. its on our usual route in the same Park as today.. but is very creepy in the middle of the night...

wish me courage.. when the time comes..

Friday, 7 October 2016

Not out the forest

Not out the forest, but on the slow mend.. the Major part of the crisis is still passing in the mending.. but hope springs eternal and prayers can take a long time to answer..

She is Boo, You probably guessed that... Last Tuesday she didn't want to go for our usual 2 am Walk.. around a regular 1 mile pathway.. and Wed, and Thur, and Fri, and Sat... started getting concerned, Sunday the same, so I resolved to See the Vet first thing Monday.. cant tell you how Glad I am to have made the effort, coz it was getting a bit scary She looked at me and both her Eyes rolled independently with a slimy glaze on them.. she looked Delirious..

but not a peep; not a sound; not moment; when she wasn't trying to please and appease me, like she does after reading my mind.. it's uncanny... They gave her an ultrasound scan, much quicker than an X-ray, which also requires an Anesthetic to keep them still.. as pets of all kinds Fidget a lot.. and the Prognosis was Immediate, Emergency surgery for "Pyometria" = inflammation of the Uterus and Ovaries.. (filled with Puss) and was told if I had left it another 3-5 days she would have died silently in her sleep...

So She went into surgery immediately, as I told them she had not eaten since the day before.. they went right into theatre.. and I had to leave Her and go Home alone.. that was the Darkest Night of any in my recent life... I was awash with tears and fears the whole night long.. so Lost without Her.. She is my Life, the only bit that is worth living for..  and there is no life without Her.. I have nothing and am nothing without Her..

The tenderest Love I have ever felt from childhood through adolescence, middle Age, to now Old Age, fuck me I am 63.. and Ugly as the Devils Conscience.. nothing on Earth could love me.. but she does.. maybe coz She is always my first Consideration and priority, and can never be angry or selfish in regard to her.. Our Day is "constant togetherness" a symbiotic transcendental union in the 51st State of Grace.. 

Never been this close to another living thing.. never loved anything, till I saw Her face on a Rescued dog charity site.. My heart went through the pixels into subconscious instant enchantment... when I saw this little Lady...... my Heart went "bang"...

Picture Sep 2014:
posted from a Lady I had contacted some months before.. who was on the lookout for a compatible companion.. Her little legs folded back, and that hard bed, in that cage she had lived in for over a year.. no walks, no love; no fresh food.. at that moment I wanted to hold Her and comfort Her.. yet realised the chances of that, were not certain.. she looked so Sad, her ears pulled back in fear.. I wanted to save her from Lovelessness.. and give my Life to make her happier..

I had already seen and met several Dog's, even brought 2 home for a trial.. but the previous Owner asked for one them back... and the other one was just too disturbed and I took him back the next day..

another I saw, was a lovely sheepdog, who would not even look at me, but kept it's eyes on it's owner, because it knew what was happening.. and would not even acknowledge me for a moment.. then it was arranged to meet the Lady and we agreed to meet in Guildford, and as I turned the corner to meet Her.. I saw this Proud little Dog, with it's head up in a courageous conquering posture; like a victorious Lion after a Battle for survival... 

My Prayer of 2 years had finally come true.. with the soul-pal of lifetime... intelligent, very quiet, non aggressive, sensitive, affectionate, with a large set of little sounds she daily makes that are so many; and so diverse, it is a small Lexicon in itself... not unlike conversation in shorthand.. and She does Yoga!... seriously, before we go out for a Promenade she stretches her back, and puts, first the right leg, then the Left Leg out behind Her like a Ballerina.. totally enchanting, she licks Her Paws like a Cat?... must have shared a Cell with one or some...

I kid You not.. She is the Best Dog in the whole world.. everybody who sees Her, Loves Her.. She is Half Corgi, Half Staffie.. with a Nature as Gentle as a new born angel... and a quiet grace that puts the human race to shame... 

I collected Her on Tue Morning 10:30, after the longest night of my life.. and though She has a Red Scar 7 inches long on Her tummy.. not a sound of complaint did she make, no Whining wimp She.. 

She was Groggy.. and must have been in pain no doubt, but no obvious distress was apparent.. We got Home and she Slept pretty much for 12 Hours.. and after Midnight, I carried Her downstairs, and took her for a very short walk and a little wee.. then back up to bed.. where I held Her in my arms half the night, and as she breathes, little sounds like Doves cooing came from Her, happy to be home again.. our little micro family.. Blessed by the grace of God's Mercy.. to be as one..

I may have nothing, or will ever make a mark worth reading, but as long as I have Her, the World is mine, and no Man can claim greater riches; than this little life; that shines eternal light into my heart.. She has brought to me; into a world of darkness....

Anyhow she is on the Mend..

Monday, 3 October 2016

Sudden Crisis

With a burdened bruised Heart and heavy soul.. a total Life or Death situation has happened out of the Blue.. and I can Barely take a breath without the urge to brake down into pieces.. there will be no sleeping tonight.. and Torment beyond bearing is mine here alone tonight...

No Drug is available that will alleviate my distress tonight, I am lost in the Desert and facing the possibility of a personal Tragedy; of which there is no recovering from..

Life itself is in the balance, and without telling you what has happened please Pray on my Behalf tonight.. in good time with God's blessing I will tell you all the detail... but all I would ask of any kind soul is to spend a moment in silence.. for another; for kindness sake..

however you pray; I will pray you back... I need one good wish from another anonymous person with a second to spare.. who has a love that heals all injuries.. for the one I love to pull through from Major surgery.. in an emergency procedure.. that was life threatening and very serious indeed, she Has had the Surgery and apparently in the slow process of arousing as of 5:57pm..

They dont open until 8:00 am.. and I have no way of knowing if She made it through the night... Just one kind heart is required, is there anybody there? My eyes will not shut until the mornings Birds start singing..

Please Give + without knowing why.. 
(thats very important)