Friday, 25 November 2016

Unified galactic synchronicity

The human rice/race is a Paella... we all boil the same.. it all steams down to; East is least, or west is worst.. when we are all the best.. in potentiality.. the far flung randomness that makes each unique.. every life an event of which each individual is the witness.. of living consciousness, how can you know God if you dont even know Yourself.. 

Twins prove 'Perfect clones" are frankly plausible.. Eugenics, is not the slaughter of peoples by Genocide... it is the proven improvement, by denying some defective.. the right to be conceived, denial is not assassination.. 

the criteria for denial are themselves a cornucopia of sliding definitions.. we need friendly compliant people to serve a more refined society.. We Breed dog's dont we?.. yet they Shoot Horses dont they.. cleaning up the filth of humankind is a dirty business, but somebody's got to get it 'off the ground'.. it is what evolution would want us to do..

only those who it was made for would object.. all men are not equal, except to the Taxman, and the mortician.. not the religious Police who on Earth lives a pure life filled with earnestly won satisfaction for doing a little good in a largely uncaring World.. a paragon of virtue with no bad thoughts or momentary intentions of harm to another...

a Saint no less, there are a handful.. but not of any Divine intervention; like that Liar in the Desert... formed of a collective reasoning; a best of all unified choices.. to simply breed less and more selectively.. not all love affairs deserve the third party offspring, the emotional cripple it turns into..

Eugenics is The conjoined collective reasoning of a higher civilisation, not tattooed White Supremacists necessarily, but a Slightly lighter shade of Brown.. mixing the best of them with the best of 'ours'.. it's not a totalitarian wedge designed to crack your natural love of cruelty open.. 

it's Safety in Righteous Unity across all the various breeds and variants across of man-king-kind.. where a future 'We'; are not Racists O no.. they are dedicated elitists.. to carve a better tomorrow we make sacrifice today... every sperm on the carpet.. was a Messiah.. you killed for selfish pleasure.. it sure beats the mess and heartache of a terminated life..

Wanker.. at least you killed a fair number of sociopaths in the mix.. the unborn will never get a Lawyer to declare their right to life.. they are immune from care... so just leave it there.. I rest my case.. for the human race.. 

Monday, 21 November 2016

Let's Hump a Trump..

Actually I am rather getting to like Donny Trump, He is Fatherly like Jesus.. he has the authority of a firm Erection, in a crowd of half-hard's. and his Progeny.. are gob smackers, whether your straight or Gay, there is a Trump just right for you..

His Leadership will be more riveting than Downton Abbey in a box set.. it will be a thrill and a few cold chills no doubt.. I think he and Putin are gonna go Steady.. Flattery gets you by the Gonads.. Forget Fiction this is better than Harry Potter.. and best of all its on the news, no premium channel subscription needed..

if anybody ever wondered what the Anti-Christ would look like, get a Chunk of Trump.. this man could 'Buy you back from the dead'.. I cant wait for the unknown Future that is about to come... and on my tipsy tiptoe toes for the mighty Financial Armageddon, 'The last hand of Humankind.. 4 Aces wins.. 

where even Money has no value, but survival of the fittest and brightest.. like an airborne Burst of Atomic Fusion lights in the dark night; we are led into the wilderness.. by a 'Talking Teddy Bear Trump'.. with the morals of a Gigolo.. and the temper of a Lynch mob, safe with Children as he only Molestes Girls over 18..

lets face it; Mass Extinction events are a quite Cyclic, and Oh how history no longer repeats itself.. because this has never happened before, we have yet to relive it.. it cleanses the status Quo, the chalk tablet of life is writ again.. he who writes in light will fill the sky with it, where shadows are left on the floor.. a memento; a photo; made of your destruction on Concrete... 'You are the Exposure'.. we will be Polaroids no less...

The Nukes are safe with Donny, he likes life too much; to order a strike, its not good for long term investments.. and can ruin a good suit..

I like the Guy.. he talks tough, but he is a pussy cat, he recently said, "This is my Daughter Ivanka, if I wasn't her father.. I'd be dating Her.. Incest in the White House.. The government used to fuck the people, now it seems they will be fucking each other.. Duh.. it's a no Brainer.. but it does help to have functioning genitals..

Go Donny.. give the poor back some Money..

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Unfuck Yourself

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Alive but

the only time you feel alive; is when your half dead, doing Drugs... Aint it? She said; 

there are many ways to be dead.. being forgotten, perhaps for damn good reason, grinding poverty and total failure.. is the living kind of dead.. just waiting to die is worse than actually being dead.. Death is the easy bit..

putting Oregano Flowers she had folded earlier into my nostril... tainted with a familiar fragrance.. the illicit illegal smell of Paupers in the rain forest and their dirty feet.. "I cant afford Cocaine its too expensive"... 'Dont worry I got a Kilo back at my apartment..'

yeah; it's shameful disgusting and irrépréhensible.. but to get the Hit; that you need to fit; in the hole in you soul.. to focus the mind and bring to life in small moments to others, in our shared journey, to be liberated and freely inter-actuate.. 

Dosage is All: Oh Yeah?... Yeah... Enjoy your dosage.. dont pig it like a greedy child.. saviour it like expensive chocolate.. with your very last grains of good Coffee; 

if you need and yearn for that which you cannot have, Deny yourself satisfaction in the moment you most want it.. and in resistance to an immediate gratification; you are rewarded; Pace your desires like an Olympian.. if you cant assimilate, you might as well emigrate.. and disintegrate:

then your marinating; almost ready for the slaughterhouse; cookhouse; Your end is just to feed Death itself... the coolest stairway to hell on the top of an Art Deco NY scraper with balcony's you could jump from... all those high places and burnt out faces.. longing for impossible places.. 

OMG to die by falling.. all it takes is gravity and momentum.. not to mention 'Terminal velocity'.. very terminal: if you hit something halfway down you get torn apart.. literally ripped in to pieces.. the body is so frail.. 

in your suffering you will be Comforted, in that moment of realisation, a peace will come over you; and it wont hurt: when you have no body just mind, you have learnt the illusion of all pains..

anything to get away from being burned alive, or left with the 'other people'.. who have no kindness or humanity.. suicide and natural death are 50/50 in probability of the inevitable; one is the escape pod of the other...

it will all be clear as Day, when you finally wake up dead: at first its a shock, but you get used to it.. consciousness is the by product of a sentient life support system, all its functions combine to keep the 'awoken avatar' alive awake alert and aware... 

to crawl through this Kaleidoscopic, quick cutting reality... the most powerful tool in the Universe is 'Mind'.. the organic Processing power of a living yet ethereal thing.. that evolves and repeatedly recombines over and over again, through one empty skull to another, until..

it learns to fly without wings.. this world Feeds the empty dimensions of alternate star systems with tremulous nervous coherence.. there is plenty of space to have a World of your very own..

Does the Mosquito ascend to heaven, or descend to hell.. surely it's life is pointless, only to live a day to drink blood.. it is more like mathematics manifest in Genetic algorithms.. that have no end, like the Fibonacci numbers ablaze in fireworks of mutating molecules to the edge of infinity at the event horizon of time standing still in dimensions we cannot imagine, in ways we dont yet begin to comprehend..

you were given life for one Purpose.. to learn how live, and 'Memento Mori' = to ''remember that you must die''... how you enter the Matrix is up to you...

Friday, 11 November 2016

Cold Old Ash..

Not even an Ember.. 38 years ago "tonight" I met a girl called "Bad Mad Martha" she was anybody's, but she had been through everybody else and I was the only mis-fit left to conquer...

I was getting over another fat Cow who wasn't worth 10 minutes in the Toilet.. let alone break your heart over.. I was entering my (Blue) Ethel Alcohol period.. and had no taste left at all, I was just another opportunist fornicator... like everyone else.. 

Dont everybody Wanna get Laid!.. shout it out Hipsters, everybody did get laid, thats Why America is the M&M's Coffee coloured Centrum (German word, town centre district, the Hub so to speak) of Universal inter ethnicity.. at least 36% of all you meet are Native Americans in the Mix, they were so good Looking, they were bound to get spliced to the main brace.. and Diversify into our one, human race...

It was a week before we actually "did it".. we sat up all night just chewing over our respective Melancholy's.. She just been divorced, me just wanking over an old fat old lost love... who was not worth a squirt..

we hung together for 2 years.. it was a pathetic self inflicted torture we were both Masochists for.. and defiantly the opening sentence of a paragraph, at the start of a Chapters *footnote..

just a couple of fucked up Whores who bathed in each others blood.. as a hobby in satanism without lessons... We fought; and then we fucked, oh boy.. we did a lot of that.. She was forever opening my fly's.. and Squeezing my Balls... Pain and redemption, Crime and Punishment.. and an abortion in a Bucket.. which bound us together in Guilt.. for the passion we shared beneath a soiled quilt..

Every armistice day it comes back to me... ironic, the Day War ended; we began.. Our war started in peace and ended in mutual annihilation the itty bitty nitty gritty is so shitty.. its a sin.. and hardly worth the remembering...

Yet Without our hidden sorrows we are just Swiss cheese.. full of holes that you paid for... and months you dont ever dare, to remember..

Eating my Hat

How could I get it soo wrong.. holy moly.. did America get it wrong?.. OK give the sucker a chance... The crackpot who hit the Jackpot.. the first red neck Truck Driver to become President..

I am currently eating hats and gloves.. well looks like Hillary goes to Hell.. there wont be more attempts.. this one nearly killed Her.. she is 69 years old.. and well passed the use by date for future activity before old age cuts in and, slow demise follows.. she can sit back and enjoy her millions..

Buy a boat and go somewhere.. 
Trump, was Brexit Shock in intensity... what else will we get so very wrong, collectively speaking..

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Write Yourself into Existence..

Put it down, spill it out.. Scream twist and shriek.. are you intelligent enough to remember the question? Duh.. can Donald's right hand Man/boy.. lady/boy.. whatever.. he sure looks and sounds like one.. makes you want to throw up for trump in the election Booth and taint every previous voter.. annulling the entire process.. 

then Obama has to do another year.. coz the Cuntry couldn't make its Schizoid mind up.. 

is this today in America?... or some kind of 'Back to the Future' reality, as; did You know; in fact; the Screenwriter for that Great Movie, actually based "BIFF" on a much younger D. Trump".. entirely true..

Hate is the main (Cult) pastime in USA.. they dont just disagree with their opponents they learn to Hate their Guts.. literally.. there is no blatant indifference, it is to the very Zenith maximum of each extreme, 

but hey; that is America.. they make up bad fiction that never was true about the Enemy with an enema of pure dirt... America, 'where Rumour alone, is enough to convict'... and Execute.. 

posthumous release is not possible.. how can the past forgive this mutilated future, with much less and less Soul; and Humanity, than at any point in previous American History.. every voter has a price it seems and they are cheap and sold out.. to a low intelligent Trillion aire.. it is the very height of Bad Taste.. buy Hey.. 

That's America.. ! the Crazy Farm for all humankind..

the question is very simple, are there more "nasty" people; than nice people; in America.. if there are more Nice intelligent voters then, Hillary will prevail, but if the nice turns nasty, and all the "simple yet highly 'Aroused'.. nasty folk vote;  then a Truck Driver, will defecate in the Oval office..

This will be final proof.. that Americans are mostly bigoted fools, believing in a Prick; a good voice cuts through a crowd.. but a great sentence lives to perpetuate.. If Old Fashioned Men still make the effort to vote.. then America becomes the worlds largest stockpile of witless Buffoons, and snake oil sellers... than ever before...

yet if the New World really is the threshing floor of modern Humanity and civilisation, then Bill's Hill gets the high ground.. as the preferential personnage to embody the Future direction of Earth.. who else could you trust... a serial misogynist playboy with the gaudy taste of a low born drug dealer.. all that money dont buy you no Class..

Go Hillary.. its your turn to shine..

The future looks more unbelievable, the longer you are alive to see it unfold.. you will be Dead before all the bad stuff starts.. or you better 'Hope so'.. see you in the Starbucks.. I am there at every seat and wi-fi connection.. your hopeful hearts give life to the impossible wishes of the underdog who perishes in Wall-Mart Car parks.. every winter..

this Christmas just give Cash, coz you got no Heart left... to make anyone happy to be with You..

4th Edit:

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Hotel Everest..

when thoughts are limitless and unencumbered by the engineering problématiques.. then impossible Dreams are contrived that only one nation can begin to consider..

I urge the Great People of China to take this Idea and Prove to the world Your determination and unity of purpose to undertake the most challenging tasks and show the world your long heritage of vast organised creations.. here is one that can live forever...

Make a Hotel inside Everest, it's solid Strong and is perfect for this, Bore a tunnel 100 miles long from Kathmandu, the nearest town.. intersect directly into base camp level, drill into the core of Mount Everest, then drill a long slow, 9-12% incline corkscrew tunnel up, with offshoots to reach the face's of Everest's sides, where vast windows look out upon the Himalayas, build a City!.. the top is the limit.. 

the Volume of Everest is approximately; 2413 cubic kilometers. just removing one fifth of its structural mass, leaves enough room for 10,000,000 people... to live easily, have the next Chinese Olympics inside the Mountain... well mostly.. unless you'd like to build a small Lake in the base..

Mountains make the safest homes... and Ideal Bunkers in time of Natural peril.. war.. and uninvited peasants... after all people lived in caves for millennia.. 

could be done without spoiling it for climbers.. even have an express elevator right to the top; which you visit in pressurised suits, as the sudden difference in Air pressure and Oxygen levels, would knock you out..

Take this Idea and run with it.. could take 100+ years to finally complete..

Sunday, 23 October 2016

On-Line suicide; Tonight:

Can you believe it, tonight at 23 GMT.. apparently there is a videoed live stream self termination... honestly the things people do to get attention.. how about a drive in Morgue.. they wait; while you die in the car park.. so convenient and hygienic.. no flys!..

You get a free will at the Entrance which must be completed before your appointment time, or you pay double, and have to come back later.. you might not feel like it later..

just jump into a Nuclear reactors cool pool... you will be dead, and your corpse will never rot either..!! no bug got the guts to attack you.. you will turn to Soap.. that wont cleanse any hands..

Death is the most Exciting thing most people ever Experience, it's an alternative to The American Dream, to some deranged non entity's.. who wants to die in a home for old inactive Seniors...

Die in Glory with lots of Blood.. just make sure you get it on YouTube or its all in Vein.. Die when your Young.. it is much more Fun!.. and your corpse is still Sexy... Blood Guts and Gore, wonderful War bring it on.. so stimulating for the spirit..

Hey I been playin too much XBOX.. Man.. I love first person action shooters.. best of all with the most Atmosphere and sense of threat, is/are, Medal of Honour Series Airborne.. I have lived cried and died, and shot a lotta Mother-Doers with tremendous satisfaction... and updated my "hand eye co-ordination to that of a 30 yr old.." it makes everything you do more precise, just by playing Games.. The Game of Life is the weirdest.. you start off as nothing and can stay that way.. or you work your way through and start getting smart.. in the Art of readiness for puzzling situations..

As Life Art Theosophy are so Structured.. they are almost unsolvable.. by the randomness of guessing or blindly believing.. all the misdirection is in the Voice of man, not the Mind of God.. to believe the unbelievable, when you win the lottery of eternity, as a blade of Grass, or a simulation of life in an avatar.. you are just a Pixel on the Nuclear HD screen of the Cosmos... you cant stand back to See the Picture, Because You Are the Picture..

Life of the Soul, is to give your life;
for the Whole.. 

"Would you like a wonderful Adventure.." and have a great time during the Journey.. that lasts an eternity.. Strap up.. it's gonna be a Hell of a ride..

I dont want just a tree house, but a Tree in a House, built around an Oak Tree, with plenty of Ventilation and windows surrounding it.. please Cloud fund my Mansion in the forest...

Enjoy consciousnesses..

Thank you God, for my little lot, Enjoy consciousnesses.. lean to absorb contentment.. through the microwaves, and external interruptions.. be a child again in a World of undiscovered Wonders.. just outside of your Electromagnetic Spectrum of perceptions; Your mind basically...

is really all you got!.. the art of mind at its most advanced kind, is to "process information and Emotions correctly".. in a state of heightened arousal yet peaceful and compassionate acquiescence..

Not saying I have mastered it.. but good intentions help so much.. to touch the very mind of Buddha.. you would do if you you could..

so just enjoy consciousness.. in a state of humble acceptance, that you feel think and can see.. but if you desire more, then life will be Hell.. you always have enough, but just dont know it..

consolidate your assets and give it all away.. just keep your begging bowl and soul.. and thank God for another Day..