Tuesday, 27 September 2016

the Strangeness of life..

The Strangeness of being alive, is a miracle in itself... every morning you wake up and feel almost continuous, ~ (Memento Mori) 

Remember YOU MUST DIE to see the world beyond... Remember all your wealth will carry you to hell without humanity, unless you had a saving grace.. remember your kin.. if you require endless good living..

only the Good die... Huh?.. only the good; make good Babies.. only the free, live for all eternity... please SET MY PEOPLE FREE... fuck the rest of em..

Amen +

Pie Squared by brute force:

A Square peg in a round hole will fit...
if you use enough force to get it in:

Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Joy of Mass Murder..

It must be the greatest High a Brain can contain... no wonder the killing of strangers is so very popular in the sub human domains of the untermensch.. in the lands of the less than human...

it is time to be proud; to be a selective racist..

We all heard; and seen the 70's book "The Joy of sex".. Yuk.. (crude drawings of Pigs fornicating..) which was just a legal loophole to attempt acceptable pornography.. well kiddies.. its now time to accept and magnanimously tolerate Mass Murder.. Sorry? do you have an objection?.. you have been condoning it for centuries.. by proxy indirectly.. depending on your distorted perspective..

All murder is justified, as long as we are doing the killing... and are winning.. but the yellow belly so called civilised west will eventually be the victim... because the greatest will to Kill is from the rancid stench of Islamic fundamentalism,which is "all of Islam".. it is a wicked indoctrination to lethal racism.. it justifies every atrocity with celebrations... "tolerance is our underbelly and open to a Knife blade" and our undoing...

Blinkered blind and utterly self absorbed in, getting a 4k TV.. getting laid by a painted bitch on Saturday night, making money so you can escape to a private world of undeserved luxuries... and go 1st class every minute of the day... get a life; you useless "Lumpen proletariat" you trained Monkeys who see no further than your next pay rise.. Your children will be enslaved and branded, "Kuffar"...

The Demographics are Staring you in the Face!... in just 4 generations = 100 years.. Islam will take your cozy liberal little country and turn it into a totalitarian Wasteland... Islam is the corrupting "software of Savant's" = Muslims are an infected network, of never ending attacks on our very way of perceiving nature, Life itself; and Science.. and everything we Love and cherish, is going to get taken away.. atom by atom.. with much pain; and acres; of scar tissue... a million Olympic Swimming pools filled with blood... is not Enough!... for them..

They hate us unreservedly.. we give them food shelter and Money.. and they hate us even more, because they secretly envy us, and our Ability For self civilised "Nobility", to nurture our traditions born of our own enlightenment and learnt tolerance.. Our particular Civilisation is incalculably better.. 

Dare I even say; "superior" (this is where the tiny element of justified Racism comes in to play) what a fine line the distance and difference is between "the fight for What is right" confused with Right and wrong at it's inception.. by those who happen to believe the "incorrect ideology by default of birth".. a Book of cheaply written second rate lies, only an Imbecile could possibly, receive and believe.. and waste hours of their day praying to the Devils Asshole.. who Shits in Mecca...

(12 paragraphs removed, sorry This subject brings out the very Devil in me.. because it is the very worst thing there has ever been!.. the filthy illiterate origin of a False faith led by the most Demonic incarnation of Evil the World could ever know.. the Thief of 3 billion misled believers.. Nuke the fucking lot of em.. My patience is at an End.. Islam is a World BULLY that always targets the innocent... and makes a Mess of every Society it infiltrates.. Sweden 11 NO GO Zones... when is the shit gonna finally hit the fan? Who can save us from an Ocean of Rat's eating your new born Children.. x3 more paragraphs removed, or I alone will have started the next World War.. Yes little ol' me... it only takes one; it only takes one gifted Pen to write the truth in Fire.. to set the Passion free in the hearts of Good Men..)

The Terminator: "If you want to Live... Come with Me"...

Islam is the deadly Pandemic in the very body of Mankind.. and while we look for viral infections, this un-seen infection is slowly and gradually taking our greatest Achievements; of Liberty individual iconoclastic Idiosyncratic Cultures and freedom speech we used to enjoy... in our own Mother Tongue..

fair enough, we (western Civilisation) are not Angels.. but at least we know what is Beautiful.. They; turn everything into the Ugly.. and the dehumanised inequality and injustice of their summary destruction of all that has been built by our forefathers.. in just one hundred years.. all the fine Art of the Free World will be Dust and ashes..

We have never been so ready for Armageddon.. Russia has fallen.. dont you know?.. it is a Mafia state, its run by thieves murderers and bully boys.. who on Earth can we trust?.. forget it; Nobody.. even your own Family betray You.. we need a thinning.. a Culling.. of the Human race.. War has a remarkably purifying effect on population control.. I suggest we have one; forth with..

It's never been a better time for another World War.. which has already started, but your too dumb to see.. or give a damn.. as long as you got; food; money; Sex; Drugs; and Privacy; to conceal your immorality.. You look just like any other Businessman.. on his way to the Brothel.. after a day in the Sennett or Parlement...

Hate itself has a parallel with Nuclear Fusion, which is actually inférieur... as Hate (Islam) never stops expanding = exploding.. it is the very definition of an endless exponential overpowering World wide Asphyxiation by a merciless oppressor.. like a Rape that has no end.. and never evolves beyond Year Zero.. these people are witless; humourless dour idiots.. who can save us from the liar Mad-Mo.. the last prophet of Propaganda fear.. and subjugation of the free will..

is there a Messiah in the House?... Where is God When you need Her.. having anal Sex with the Devil no doubt.. cheating bitch.. Wot is a Mother?.. just a slut who got knocked up..

Believe in nothing.. it's a fucking Lotto.. and losers never win... better lube up your ass, or it's gonna Hurt.. long live the Dead, coz they are the only true friends.. who you will no doubt be meeting.. soon..

at the hands of those.. helpful Brothers.. you better learn some fucking Arabic..

sometime later...

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A Brand New Drug..

Hey Listen up.. if you like life, and like feeling nice.. Dont smoke 'SPICE'.. coz it can be very freaky and frightening..

Didn't think this was possible.. just a lame myth about a substance that was as dangerous as Smack, (Coz shes equal to any; Heroine = Brown,) Crystal Meth-o'lated spirits in crispy lumps, (Crack Amphetamine; whatever..) PCP; (very laconic and slowly..) 'Whatever'..

wot is it? a multiplicity of vast diversités... an amalgam of several catalytic constituents, a mixing and amelioration made into a liquid spray.. which you just spray onto tobacco... 

2 mg = 1 ounce of best ever Marijuana.. but; the High to volume 'COST RATIO' is off the scale.. a £20 bag equals a month of enjoyment.. as opposed to £250 per month in a 28mg bag of buds... best of all it is estimated to be x100 stronger than natural skunk, however well grown and cultivated.. but it is also Lethal in even moderate amounts..

that's what makes it so powerful and addictive..) made in dear old China, by money men who want to make a lot of Money... who can blame them.. it's never been a War crime to experiment with peoples minds.. but you really should do a little research before you do; What I did Yesterday..

Let me be your BIG BROTHER who cares enough to help you!.. you bunch of fools..

It's like finding FREE MONEY!... or time travel back to 1967 when Pot got popular... which then was just £12 an ounce... = a month of happiness.. which today has ballooned into £250 an ounce... for best skunk... also = 1 Month... yes that's how long I have been smokin the proverbial "weed'.. so I took a foolish chance

But I took three draws on this joint, and nearly called an Ambulance, it was like an intravenous hit from a needle.. filled with class A super pure, overdose ready deadly poison.. my eyesight went into a fish-eye lens like I was a goldfish in a very small jar.. it was like the first few times I ever smoked Pot.. control was taken from me.. and everything seemed like an Eco, a world of distant Eco's..  Even movement was delayed in staggering steps.. and I almost got totally freaked out..

the thing about being on the verge of freaking out.. is not to let the fear win.. (which can be applied to many situations) Learnt over decades of doing strong drugs.. accidentally; once in a while.. that's how people die.. you start to think, Hey I dont need to breathe; I can go without it, it's too much effort anyway.. then an angel comes in to help you.. and you command your trans pyloric plain to respond.. and with an intake of breath that seems to take forever; you are raised from the impending death you were so close to achieving..

So I looked down at my Baby Boo.. she always just lets me do my thing when I am with My human Dog friends.. She just waits patiently and faithfully, until its time to go.. (not Her usual Behaviour when we are alone, she is constantly on the move and exploring, and wanting cuddles, and the like...) So; in my, Stupor; I said out loud!.. 

"Boo is very intelligent and understands piles of English phrases''... "Oh?.. said Andy".. Yeah; said I... both of us; He more than I; stoned beyond salvation or any peace of mind/soul... I only took 3 puffs and I was OOO (out of Order) but he had; had, 2 lite bottles of 12% Red wine plus 11 Cans of super Lager... and 10 x 10mg Valiums.... yeah he is a Junkie a pill head and the only time he gets high is when He Overdoses.. about 3 times a week... Plus He was smokin this stuff like regular Joints.. He is a Miricle of nature, the amount of Drugs he takes.. He should have died a dozen times.. but he is the only "true" friend I have got in the Human race.. more like a Brother than any real brother...

thats when magic happened, I said under my breath, "Boo Give me a cuddle .. I need one right now"... coz I was seconds away from calling an Ambulance (my namesake Vehicle) and was ready to either collapse or freak out badly...

then Boo gets up on my Knee.. in her usual way which is so gentle and charming, then the dynamic Skeletal Geo-metrics.. of our
interlocking Skulls, though different Species altogether... fits perfectly within one another.. eyebrows noses and mussels all unified in a "perfect fit".. an embrace outshining any Kiss.. beyond mere Bliss, into a pathological symbiosis of "oneness" inter special equal togetherness.. a Love so powerful and natural, I doubt many of you could ever imagine, know, or assimilate to.. The greatest love is "Animal Love.." which of course has many interpretations.. (stop listening to the voices..) hear the Voice within.. 

Her spontaneous reaction to my humble request, resulting in a gift of sweet pure affection and love.. cut through the bad experience and brought me back to reality... Thank's to God for My Baby Boo.. a true soul will always save you...

no man is better than you!.. if you believe you are better than him.. then you are definitely inférieur.. yet we are barely equal to a wild beast, or even domesticated Pet.. Who can bring you back from the threshold of hell.. like She did.. with the Pure truth of genuine Love..

dont even try SPICE, because it is extremely powerful, and not very nice... I dont use words recklessly; please consider my Warning..

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

H Clinton (Breaking news)

Hillary C, is the only Zombie; ever to run for an Erection, uh; I mean an election.. also she would be the first BARREN president, dont kid me she is still Menstruating.. even the oldest Ever President (Reagan) could squirt some spastics or Mongols.. an old dick can be so easily persuaded to Deliver future Voters... but he didn't get his Cock out in the Oval office...

Mind You the idea of shagging Hillary is a Horror Movie.. it would be like fucking a Dead Turkey who had been gutted.. after Her Hysterectomy there is barely 3 inches of Vagina before you hit Her Colon..

Shes more than Weird; a Hollow Cow with a zombie way of walking, who cant even Bleed once a Month.. is Highly suspicious.. the Stories started to emerge from Detractors in Her Entourage.. 

"that she received Erectile tissue from Her husband Bills large (now redundant Penis; (potentially big, with a good blood flow;) is implanted into Her neck! to keep it upright!... but her Duracell's needed changing on 9/11, not to mention her Colostomy Bag, coz that is how and where she Shits and pisses, (separate bags btw:) 

The Illuminati.. will see the right/wrong thing happens... you can always rely on the CIA to do; it's Kennedy thing.. again.. she will be in a Body bag by the time inauguration is even plausible..

so instead of sleeping in a Coffin in the basement, as per usual, this zombie is gonna get permanently inactive and stationary.. like a corpse, less like a zombie.. coughing up lung tissue into a clear glass of water... I think most people would rather vote for a Homo!.. than a Bitch with teeth in her cunt...

She makes Assholes look attractive.. even to a jaded Heterosexual.. mind you even Chelsea looks like an alien Clone from Uranus.. (she wasn't born, She was Shit out.. and saved from the flush.. a heavy period that lived.. a blood clot with the face of Freddy Krueger's Daughter...

Vote Trump, and lets all have some Hot Chilli dick-piss, instead... fuck the Government, lets all fuck each other instead... My house Saturday 7pm.. come naked.. or you wont come at all..

The other life..

Which life do you live in.. to one you wake up to.. or the other in which you sleep to dream.. or do you wait for the afterlife, where everything is a smithereen of a 40x40 look back to better times.. in between haunting the living..

whichever life you choose, is the one you lose... so always put your stack on black... until all you have left are fond memories.. of Mammaires you have sucked upon... the bitter milk of a teenagers Tit's.. and the Clits you have licked, but worst of all; those you will never chance to Dance with.....

the final fall of the Libido is the opening ceremony for the souls Olympic parade on its way to the crematorium.. Death is always Imminent, it's been a promise since Birth.. it's the path of a fool who wastes time on Earth... only a Good Book, or detailed Idea lasts longer than a Body..

but bad ones live longer than sin itself.. the War between Greed and dogma.. is a trigonometric parallax that cannot be circumvented directly.. by reason alone.. they never touch but always conflict: even though the distances are immense... no accurate measurement can ever be exact... at the moment of "The Act"... (i.e. the position of an Atoms Nucleus, at any given moment in the dimension of "this" time alone;)

Love is a Cannibal; that eats you from inside... the only solution is a Glorious Noble suicide... but; take some other sucker with you when you go!..

if only Walt Disney had run for President... it would be a better World today..

Long live Bambi... Xx

Monday, 19 September 2016


Biting the hand that feeds it..
So cuddly yet so unpredictably dangerously un-pet-able, mind you humans are far more Deadly.. beware, dont trust anybody; as no-one in the end will ever deal you a true hand...

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Peace without War before?

Anything is theoretically plausible, if not feasible.. if it is sufficiently squeezable; like your diaphragm.. it is the wave of life, the rhythm of the universe within You, that is a place from which to assimilate with the infinite..

if you cannot find peace of mind.. you are as poor as any peasant.. and powerless as any cripple... as dead as any corpse.. no use to anyone who may be unfortunate enough to know you...

without even a few moments of Tranquility in a whole day, you must be in torment.. dont be.. it is easier than 1 2 3.. abandon everything and for a few breaths; just be... remember a happiness and be there again.. it is so easy to dull out the pain... become a friend of your own Brain... the truly meek can willfully restrain the temptation to become hopelessly insane.... I met a man who did it!.. (no guesses)

Dont ever give all the way in.. start to, start to begin.. you are now almost free from sin... and every intake of Breath is a Win Win situation, as you become acquainted with the holy grail of all creation... the peace profound that has no Equal.. is the very same for all people... 

then you suddenly understand, peace is so close at hand.. just like the Kingdom of Heaven, which is peace; and eternal positivité.. joy for all our times.. united as a single "Mankind".. sounds like an out  take of "Imagine".. a phrase too cryptic to understand..

Dont you get it yet?... we are only one mind in a culture of Schizophrenia, we are all the same person; in the End... only Ignorance Divides us.. what in heavens name would unite us?...

What would you rather.. War or Disneyland.. paradise or prison-land, what is without is within, the most confining prison, is the knowledge of your own Sin.. no Judge can free you of the guilt; that, even you cannot forgive yourself...

there has never been a better time to 'get Happy'.. when you live in the last minute of your sadness and become liberated by laughter from from an endless slaughter; lacerating your soul.. by the kindness of others you will find yourself...

Gratitude itself is Joy..

He: Thank You Mum, 
You must know I love you..
by now..

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti..

Monday, 12 September 2016

Who made God..?

we all been told; that God made us right?.. you just accepted it yep?.. but let me ask this rather silly Question, Who the Fuck made God?.. and who ever created the God of Gods... Who the fuck made them...

And While we are at it.. why does Matter; Matter?.. should we care it is there... here; is the ultimate philosophical Kicker.. Whoever made them.. made you.. well indirectly, why do you matter?.. why.. to live or to die..

to drink Coca-Cola.. or to educate a seeking soul?.. it's official I can now tell you.. it is all as suspected, a simulation, but the (here is where is gets Weird) Perceived actuality of the Simulation; is itself.. a simulation within a simulation, and that very simulation, is yet encased in another deeper further more complex simulation...

= WE ARE FRACTALS and Fibonacci exponentially.. revolving and re-evolving, into pure energy itself, in an enclosed (the spirit/soul) sphere matrix of unified self perpetuating endless energy, the most common shape in all levels of matter and quantum atom fields themselves.. the Beads of this thin unbelievably real.. reality.. the "Face of God is made of all variations of possible identity's.. and it looks alarmingly like you..

where; all disfigured and damaged souls are always welcome.. this is the gift; only a living god can give.. at least the semaphore of tolerant acceptance.. if no more than good manners; it is sufficient unto the gift of such a grace thereof.. (an Act kindness is beyond some people...

we are 'glittering' intertwined Stardust mixed with atomic Blood, in a room of mirrors, perpendicular to infinity, forever reflecting itself.. into an eternal oblivion, of Sleep, to turn Dreams into a Paradise of many realities.. within a "coffee break".. to hold and be; everything; everywhere "at the same time" at once; is to know the "Mind of God" because after 50 years of Consideration; I can say with confidence.. There cannot; not be a God!.. it's impossible for the impossible not to exist..

that; who is God; is called 'I'.. You are God; and you dont even know it.. who has got the gut's to apply for the Job.. who wants to admit to being the REAL LAST PROPHET OF GOD.. Who Me?... are you kidding.. 

Though.. I have more Art Soul Heart and Spirit.. than that Fraud.. they call Mad Mo.. the Emperor of all Motherfuckers.. The King of evil cunts.. and the Rapist of Mecca.. and the RAPIST of simple souls, naive and easily led..

to easily do your corrupt raving superiororist Fascist ideology of Drug fuelled rantings while mentally masturbating the fate of His Loyal followers.. He knew these Idiots would believe anything he said.... and so it, "perpetuates itself" in the rituals of Racism and Misogyny.. slavery and subjugation.. 

(sorry I got carried away.. it was the will of God! i.e. selective spontaneity.. that made me.. say it.. uh.. (am i deluded? fuck off' dont you know Dangerous Humour, when you hear it... lol.. I love to upset and offend those who wont be my friend.. I have the right to contradict cheap Myth's with superior reason and more infinite compassion.. anyhow, before the aforementioned rant..

What was I saying... oh yeah; um.. the context of the infinite sub-text.. the hidden hole in ordinary reality... the pulse of Gods mind.. in the sine-waves of comprehending the "artificial reality" of Consciousness.. 

oh; yeah, I remember now.. how interesting?... (I cant help it, I am autistic, it is quite natural to pontificate and procrastinate.. because God talks through me, it's Her whos is really clever.. I am just a puppet of Her.. Beauty and gentleness, I am a living CROP CIRCLE, with messages from afar, in High power English, for sensitive minds to connect equally as another, Hub a nexus; in another nebula of other fine minds.. time and space; also your location is of no importance; as we are all here; all the time.. for you to tune in and find us..)

this is just a part of the vast simulation of potentialités.. Matter becomes "itself" and in turn makes You apart of the infinite mystery of self examination... we are looking up our own butts!.. we should be looking up the Butt's of Others..

Seek Thyself.. in the mirror of another's mind... but unlike Narcissus see the wonder in others.. not your own vanity's or selfish pursuit of pleasure.. that is the 'Event Horizon' in the singularity of God's true purpose, to perfect the spirit for it's long journey through all of eternity.. Om.. Ravi Shankar.. Om..

Om.. Shanti Shanti Shanti... it's Curious how a Mandelbrot looks just like The Buddha.. in silhouette see what I mean in this Video about halfway through..

Om.. Shanti Shanti Shanti.. is actually the "very last phrase" after 13 mins.. but worth waiting for; when you know what it means..

Will EDIT LATER just wanted to Post.. without requesting money or soliciting bad information.. just the Brotherhood of Man which is readily at hand..

Cafe society, 'Woody Allen'

Just came back from being lost in a masterpiece.. I cant praise this Film too much.. The Work of a Master Storyteller art the peak of his powers, every Scene is saturated in the era, the immersion into the fated Love affair.. the sweet Melancholic resolve.. this is an Epic of unrequited true love... every frame is a work of Art..

Very highly recommended; at least by me... on my IMDb I gave it 10; make a point of seeing it before you die... which might not be too long.. so hurry up:

at least get a taste with the trailer...

I Love and adore Woody Allen and many Good Jews with plenty of Go, like him... the most disgusting joke occurred to me.. which is of a highly controversial and frankly offensive subject matter.. so if you object to jokes that tear the thin membrane of polite Society, "dont read on" I only say this believing the Man himself would Bitter sweetly even; laugh at it.. Shalom Woody.. if I could afford a passport, I would stalk you..

here it is: ahem...

"If I had just one question to ask Woody Allen, just for frivolités sake.. This is it...

"Have you ever cheated on your daughter" ?..

Seriously i love Jews.. 
they are so much like Gentiles, would love to be..
for the Money he is owed, I would be a Jew in an instant..

Just so long as I can keep.. My Foreskin...